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Play Bingo in Illinois

When it comes to playing bingo in Illinois, bingo lovers are embarrassed for choice. There are over 300 bingo halls in the state of Illinois, including Chicago, Aurora, Danville, Granite City,  East Saint Louis, Rockford, Joliet, Naperville, Springfield, Peoria, Elgin amongst many others.

By far Chicago boasts the most bingo halls, the last count reveals that there are over 50 bingo halls in Chicago, with the remaining 250 plus bingo halls spread across state.

If you are looking for a bingo hall in Illinois, here is a list of the top five to check out, complete with addresses and phone numbers.Eagles, 649 Hill Ave, Aurora, Illinois 60505-5413, USA. Phone: (630) 898-4540

  • Knights of Columbus Hall, 11207 S. Ewing, Chicago, Illinois 60617, USA. Phone: (773) 734-5174
  • Premier Entertainment Center, 300 W Sibley Blvd, Chicago, IL 60419, USA. Phone: (708) 301-0816
  • American Legion, 816 Main St, Mount Vernon, Illinois 62864-4157, Phone: (618) 242-4561
  • Ken-Rock Center, 3218 11th St., Rockford, IL 61109, Winnebago, USA. Phone: (815) 398-8864

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Playing Bingo in Illinois

The state of Illinois legalized bingo gaming making the popular American pastime available to the public. Traditional bingo halls are aplenty in Illinois however they can only be run for charitable purposes. The types of organizations that are allowed to run bingo halls are charitable or not-for-profit organizations, such as religious, labor, fraternal, senior citizen, educational or veterans’ organization that operate the halls to support causes and not for their own benefit.

The abundance of bingo halls in Illinois is great because it provides many options to bingo lovers to get together and play the game they love so much. The drawback however is that the prize pools offered by the charitable organizations is small. Indeed, playing bingo at a traditional bingo hall is not about turning a profit. It’s a purely social enterprise.

Playing Bingo Online

Of course, there are alternatives to playing at a traditional hall and that is to play bingo online for real money. If you haven’t tried an online bingo hall you are missing out! It’s the same game except with more variety, more fun and more money!

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It’s common knowledge that online bingo halls are hugely popular for one main reason: bigger and better jackpots. The jackpots that are up for grabs online these days are simply staggering. No traditional hall can compete, and this truth applies even if they were allowed to by state regulation.

Simply put bingo played online is the same as bingo played at a traditional hall with key differences that only benefit the player, which are many from playing from the comfort of your own to meeting people from around the world and receiving tons in the way of bonuses and special offers to maximize your chances of winning big.

If all this sounds appealing to you, and you’ve never tried playing bingo online, here’s your chance. Join an online bingo hall near you now!