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Pick the Right Bingo Cards – Go for Variety

bingo cards

Not all bingo cards are created equal.  Although it’s true that the chances of hitting each number in bingo is based on mathematical realities, no person on the planet can change the fact that 1 out of 75 odds, in a 75 number game of bingo, equates to 1 out of 75 odds of hitting a single number.  There is such a thing as deciphering probabilities of bingo numbers appearing over another, though.

It’s sort of like studying James Bond’s favorite game, baccarat, where players can wager on the house or a mythical player winning a single hand.  Baccarat players study a pattern of numbers that come up from hand to hand and then try to determine whether or not a similar pattern, either in favor of the house or the mythical player, will be drawn in the very next game.  The difference in bingo is that players have to choose patterns, or bingo cards, before the game is played. 

Of course, 007 gets the luxury of playing with Her Majesty’s Secret Service’s money.  Bingo players aren’t so lucky.  Bingo players have to choose their own money and, therefore, choosing cards that will help them win at their favorite game is important.

How is that possible?  Odds are odds and they simply don’t change.  75 to 1 odds on a single ball coming up in a game of bingo are 75 to 1 odds.  But those are the odds for a single game of bingo.  The odds drop for a single number coming up in a single game of bingo once that ball is drawn.  For instance, in a 75 ball game of bingo the 7 could come up 8 times:  7, 17, 27, 37, 47, 57, 67 and 75.  If the 75 is drawn, then the odds of a 7 coming up drop to1 to 7.

It’s quite simple, then, to see how bingo players can put their odds into their favor when choosing bingo cards.  Bingo players need to go for the scattershot method when choosing cards.  Picking cards with more even and odd numbers on single lines and trying to choose cards that don’t double-up on numbers should do the trick.  In other words, bingo players should look for variety when choosing bingo cards.

That’s quite different than Mr. Bond who always takes his martinis shaken, not stirred.  Now, if only bingo players could get Her Majesty’s Secret Service to bankroll their games, they’d be set!

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