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Online Bingo Vs. Offline Bingo

The biggest reason to play online bingo versus offline bingo is sheer convenience. Tired of being turned away at the bingo hall because you showed up in your underpants? Well put those pants away, mister, because it’s time to shed some light on why online bingo is far superior to offline bingo.

Obviously there are some of you that prefer going to a bingo hall rather than sitting in front of your computer. The one thrill you won’t get with online bingo is the extra juice from playing in front of a crowd, but let me remind you that it isn’t like you’re playing football in front of a stadium of 60,000 fans. It’s not like you can’t do both and double down on your pleasure!

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons to get involved in online bingo is to get your friends in on the game. Dragging buddies to the bingo hall can be like forcing a kid to go to the dentist, but convincing them to hop on their laptops is as easy as spelling B-I-N-G-O. Miss the excitement of having people around while you fill up your card? Then just invite some people over to enjoy some online bingo with a few brews and the game on television.

Speaking of friends, does your bingo hall give you free money for bringing friends along? Because does thanks to its referral program, which rewards you for your friends’ purchases during their first thirty days of play. As we like to say, the sky’s the limit because there’s no ceiling on how many referral rewards you can get. You’ll get 20% of your friends’ purchases for their opening month and there’s zero limit. The more they play, the more you earn. has daily promotions and tournaments to satisfy all your needs. I know that your local bingo hall doesn’t give away free handouts like we do, so all the more reason to stay at home and get started with online.

Save gas. Save time. Play bingo in your underwear. There’s so many reasons to stay online with your bingo as oppose to lugging your tired body to some local, offline bingo hall. Does it get any better than that?