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Online Bingo’s Biggest Jackpot – $35,000.00

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There is no better place to be this month than right here at  Why?
November is the month to qualify to win big cash prizes with Studio 54. Reminiscent of the old glory days of disco, Studio 54 is the biggest online gaming promotion of the month anywhere on the Internet!

Named after the former hottest club in New York City, Studio 54 is the hottest place to be this month.  Don’t look any further, as the biggest cash prizes are right here with the Studio 54 Groovy Launch Party.

And Studio 54 is no small party.  More than $35,000 in cash prizes will be awarded at the Studio 54 Groovy Launch Party, which will take place on December 5. So start grooving and playing right away as qualifications to get into this special event are ongoing throughout the month of November. 

So what exactly is Studio 54?  Five full hours of FREE games for 54 special players only. During those five hours, 10 of the free games will give away a prize of $540 every hour while a random winner will get $1000.  Not to mention that a freeroll jackpot of $3000 will also be in the works.  It is almost impossible not to win!

That sounds awesome, right?  Here is how it works:  The 54 top players with the most points accumulated during November will win exclusive access to Studio 54!  Getting points is easy, as players can add them up by winning in the Quarters room, as well as by participating in good, old fun like chat games, trivia, and Facebook contests. 

So play hard and win big throughout the month of November to win a special winning seat in Studio 54!  The biggest cash give-away online is right here at